quote from “Tales of an African Beekeeper – Reflections on Bees and Beekeeping” by Peter Clark, Jeremy Farrell –

“Certain government departments are training ‘beekeepers’because they interpret the bee business as follows: Hives = Honey = Money Actually the formula is a little more complicated, at a minimum it is more like the following: (Hives + Equipment + Kit + Truck + Workshop + Premises + Experience + Forage + Bees + Knowledge + Market + Processing + Employees + Effort) 



High moisture honey trick

would suggest one very simple method that you can easily do yourself. It
is in the case you already have extracted honey that has high moisture
​So, honey is stored in some containers. Few days after extracting, honey
with higher moisture content will come to the surface because of less
specific weight. Then, you can remove only that honey from the surface,
depending of container volume it could be just 7-8 pounds or more and you
can do with that honey whatever you want and the rest will be thicker. It
is possible to practice this method in two steps, one several days after
the other
Predrag Cv.